Mobile Marketing For Local Business

Mobile marketing – the latest buzz word in the marketing industry nowadays.

Your customers are on the ‘go’.  They’re looking for something that you have.  But they’re not in their desktop computers.  They have their smartphones with them.  You know, those fancy little gizmo that people carry with them nowadays thanks to the phone companies who seem to find a way to bring gimmicks to new phones every year.

Your customers begin searching online on their phones.  Got to your site but your site showed up in microscopic proportion because the phone tries to fit your web page into this small screen.  So the end result is that the customer hit the [back] button, and looked for another site.

Sounds like a major letdown to get that customer?  I don’t have the exact data but it is safe to say that most business’s web sites are not designed to be ‘mobile’ compatible.

Mobile marketing is a major marketing channel that warrant itself a long discussion.  According to comScore, there are 103 million smartphone users in the US alone.  Searches on mobile devices start to move around 9 am and peaks in the evening around 8-9PM.  That’s a 12 hr window for marketing your product to users who can’t seem to go without their phones nowadays.

Google study shows that 51% of smartphones consumers called a business on their smartphones, 25% of smartphone shoppers purchased an item in the store after looking up a business on their smartphones, and 34% made their purchases on their phone.

Now if you’re not into numbers, let’s just put it this another perspective.  Remember those thick book that phone companies sends us that we call yellow page book?  When was the last time you look up for a business on the yellow pages?  Well, chances are you don’t even know where you kept them.

So what you do is typically you ‘Google’ the business or service you wanted to get.  Now you can’t carry that block of computer everywhere you go, and you would need to  have an internet access to use it.  With smartphones, you can browse through the internet and you carry that device with you everywhere you go.

That’s the beauty of these devices.  You don’t know to carry one of those laptops with you in those shoulder bags.  It’s right there on your customer’s pocket.

Now, what does this have to do with local web?  Plenty and simple.  If you don’t have a website optimized for mobile phones, you’re losing some business to potential customers.

Of course, each site is different and have different goals.  But if your business is one of those wherein a customer is one call away, you should consider enabling your site for mobile.

Marketing is about sending out your message at the right time to the right people – your customers.  And your web being mobilized gives you a presence to be in their phones at the time they need it.  With some mobile web, all they have to do is click on the phone link on your page.  They don’t have to dial it up.  Click to call.

Next in our installation of this guide is Social Media.