Offline To Online

At this point based from our previous discussions, we have reached a baseline that our web site should contain information or contents that will be helpful to our customers based on the goal that we want to accomplish.

That, foremost, customer experience with our site is one of the most important goal that we must accomplish.  This will ultimately determine our customer taking action to whatever we present to them.

We are now ready to tell our customers that we have a website.

Shouldn’t we talk about search engine and SEO, etc?

The short answer is No.

First, we perform what I call the Offline to Online approach.

We have not tested your pages if it works or not.  So you must test.  And there’s no better way to test than to check it with your current customers or a select target audience.

The goal here is to find out if your pages is making your customers or potential customers to take action.

Most of the time business owners, after their sites have been designed and built, stop doing anything and believe that the money would start walking to their doorstep on their way to your cash register.  Their designers now talked to them about optimization with the search engine and how it is going to take them to the first page of the search query.

So what!

If the pages gets to the first page of the search engine results and your customer do nothing, what does it give you?  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

And believe me, after the site has been built, it does not stop there.  Can you show me a business where the place looks the same as it was when it started?  If your answer is yes, I assure you that business is not making any revenue at all.   Ask me how I know?

The same thing goes with your website.  Initially, it’s like setting up stage for your customers to know that you exist.  And you know what’s the good thing about it?  It’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The critical discipline that you must develop is the ability to test a marketing strategy that you are developing for your business.  And the web is the most easiest way I know for you to find out about responses and be able to measure the effectivity of the strategy.

And believe me, if you laid out your site with your customers in mind, your customers will help your business in the web.  It’s the law of reciprocity.

The search engine is not even part of the equation here.  Their job is to find content.  Your job is to make your customers happy.

Offline to Online.  Most missed it.  Now, you don’t.