Welcome To Local Web Center

Local Web.  Local Search.  Local SEO.  If you are a small business owner with a local presence, you are either:

  1. Being sent emails telling you that your site needs improvement, (that is, if you have a website).
  2. Getting solicitations that ‘We will get your site on first page of Google’.
  3. ‘Yellow Pages is dead.’  People are all online now!
  4. And other things, as in etc, etc, etc.

Well, it could also be possible those annoying folks are also one of my affiliates.  So I’m sorry if they’re a little bit nosy and too much of a Google evangelist.  Just trying to make a living here.

Anyway, I meet a lot of small business owners who I get into conversation with that leads to questions like:

  1. Do I really need a website?
  2. The last guy who did my website did not show up after I hand him the check.  Wasted my time chasing after him!
  3. These web designers charge an arm and a leg and all I get is a single page!!!
  4. The pages they made did not return a single cent.  Nada.

And as always, I try to educate them on what really is involved.  That, it is a process or a journey of some sorts.  That, we need to establish a way for their offline marketing stuff to get there in the online world.  And that, they know their customers more than the designers so they, the designers, have to listen to the small business owners.

With the technology that we have now, it is way easier to create a web presence nowadays than it is like 1995ish when everyone is charging like $5,000-$10,000 for a 3 page site.  Remember those days?

So to cut to the chase, I decided to get this website up, create some articles that would be helpful to local shop owners who really wants to serve their customers but, at the same time, be able to get that edge so they could get more customers by having their business promoted online.

If that sounds like you, well, you got it.

I’m a little bit excited because I got a very catchy domain that probably would stick.  Local Web Center.  If you need some direction on web, Local Web Center.  You need web help, Local Web Center.  Sorry again, getting a little bit too excited.  It’s a LocalWebCenter.Net, but I’ll take it.  The localwebcenter.com was just a parked website anyways (as of this writing).

Just a foreword.  There would be other sites involved in this but I like to keep the conversation here to discuss about establishing a local web presence.

Nowadays, a local shop need to be able to keep up with the new wave of customers.  Those are their customers who are constantly glued to their phone.  That’s a different medium and I don’t want to confuse those people who want to get started with establishing a web presence first.  When you’re ready for that, you could hop on to Mobile Web Center where we would be talking about how to integrate mobile web to engage with your customers.  Don’t go there yet.

On a serious note, I would try to give you enough information so that when the time comes and you need to talk to someone about websites, you’ll be better equip to answer the designers question and be in a position to tell them exactly what you want.  I know local business owners are a busy bunch.  Taking kids everywhere they’re supposed to be and getting customer calls just at a time when you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

A disclaimer though.  I’m not a guru, nor an agency.  I’m not an internet marketing expert.  I’m not a sales genie.  I don’t want to brag about how long I’ve been in the computer industry because I believe that in the end, it’s what I can offer or give you that counts.

What I know comes from a specialization working on the back end of web, reverse engineering the skeleton of a web page and studying what works.  I just work one site at a time to develop my internet real estate and hopefully, the knowledge that I gained, I could share or impart with you.

As a last note, I sincerely pray for God’s blessing in your businesses and a prosperous one so we could get the economy rolling again.

George Manlangit